What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

There was a fire in our office break room from misuse of the microwave. We all thought it would not be a big deal but the damage it caused was way worse than anyone thought. We ended up calling out SERVPRO of Greater Boulder and they were able to clean up the area that day and helped to deodorize the area and surrounding offices.  

We had an issue with our fireplace and it caused soot and smoke to fill up our home. We had hoped it would just go away on its own, but it did not. We called out SERVPRO of Greater Boulder and they were able to get us cleaned up quickly and were great to work with. 

My apartment had a fire in the next building over, SERVPRO of Greater Boulder was able to help clean up the mess and their team was always professional and kept the job site clean. 

Nick W is a great project coordinator/first responder for SERVPRO of Greater Boulder. He's very professional, responsible and knowledgeable in all matters. You can trust him to guide you and help you throughout the whole process of your claim.

Corey Garman with SERVPRO was such a great help. Incredibly knowledgeable and saved us from a serious annoying experience. Love these guys!!

Johnny and Andy were very helpful in explaining and following through on all details of the process. They were a very attentive and mannerly crew.